We x2are manufacturer of synthetic rattan furniture. We have experienced in furniture business. Our production range, home furniture, hotel project, villa, and office furniture. We also have been worked with architect, interior designer to government project, and some other commercial project. If you want to use our product for restaurant furniture it will certainly work well. We carry special order in any design can be made by request with free estimation quote. We have also other collection such as indoor furniture, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, patio furniture, made of synthetic rattan aluminum frame and wood frame. Ours product to be reliance to international market. Our employee that always endeavors to satisfy our customers needs, also supported by skillful crafts man which are covered by Quality System.

We proudly present our collection synthetic rattan furniture through in living set, dining chair, bar set, lounge chair in modern design. All furniture are handmade products and manufactured by skillful hand and experienced so present esthetics and its own unique character. These are supported by quality control such as framing process, coloring process, weaving process, finishing process, packing and stuffing or loading process.

We provide eligible synthetic rattan furniture in modern design with various style and color. They looks very smooth and shiny which completed by waterproof cushion will make you feel so comfort at the backyard.

What you need to know more about synthetic rattan furniture are as follows.

1. Synthetic rattan furniture are also commonly referred to as plastic rattan furniture. Wicker furniture isn’t wrapped with usual plastic. Rattan plastic isn’t made of PVC material that isn’t safe for health, but high-grade HDPE. Plaiting materials has been standardized export and also have passed various kinds of tests, such as health, environment, color durability, elasticity and strength. With the ISO label, and other prestigious labels, synthetic rattan furniture has major advantages, which can be placed outdoors for a very long time. You don’t need to worry for your synthetic rattan products, even if exposed to intense heat and rain, day and night, exposed to dirt and dust. The treatment is so easy you can do. You can clear this synthetic rattan furniture with only wash or wipe with water.

2. The use of synthetic rattan furniture construction frame with export standards. In general, synthetic rattan furniture using a frame of aluminum. This is because aluminum has a lot of advantages when compared with ordinary wood. Aluminum doesn’t rust, making it safe and convenient for health, too mild. The combination of these two main advantages because it is basically a synthetic rattan furniture is designed to be placed as outdoor furniture that can last for a long time with a high artistic value fashion. Nevertheless, producing synthetic rattan furniture can be a combination of other materials, such as iron, steel, or wood.

3. The synthetic rattan furniture combined with the foam and fabric, standard export, waterproof cover. Fabric has fulfilled many prestigious criteria and pass the various stages of the test. Why use waterproof fabric cover? Because synthetic rattan furniture is specifically for outdoor fashion and at first, then accessories supporters also be able to follow the original destination. Waterproof fabric cover is helpful foam to prevent rapid deterioration due to water penetrating the foam is not fast. As we all know, the foam is exposed to water will be very easy to broken, although the foam used is of high quality foam. In addition we also provide foam with a quick specification dry, waterproof, anti fire, and a combination of both, which is waterproof and fire retardant.

4. Synthetic rattan furniture has so many models with high aesthetic value and very exotic and artistic. Moreover, you can even custom design according to your wishes. You don’t like the models with designs on the market? Then we can produce just for you design you want. You simply send the design or shape of furniture that you want, either with program design, or the image of the creation of your hand. Don’t forget to include the size you want. It will be our production design specifically for you.